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  • RGPD

    Article 1: Identity and contact details of the company

    Company: Château Toumalin represented by Nathalie and Xavier Miravete.

    Legal status:

    SIRET: 50877154000012
    Headquarters: S.C.E.V. Château Toumalin – 33126 Fronsac.

    Phone: 07 88 53 34 20

    Article 2: Data processing

    Requests for client appointments or information go through the contact forms on the website. These forms process the following unique data, surname and first name, company, postal address, telephone, email address and message. Any validated form is automatically sent to the email address of Château Toumalin.

    The data processed via the forms are strictly confidential and allow the company to manage the customer follow-up relationship.

    The data may be used to allow the company to send a newsletter, it will be equipped with a readable and functional unsubscribe link.

    Customer information can be stored digitally and / or in paper format.

    Article 3: Legal basis for processing

    The legal basis for processing personal data is represented by a checkbox on the contact form “I accept the GDPR personal data protection policy”.

    Article 4: Origin of data collection (direct – indirect)

    Data on the website is collected directly from the appointment or contact forms and even via live email submissions and telephone contact. In any case, the data present is collected from third parties.

    Article 5: Data transmission

    The data in the possession of the company Château Toumalin will under no circumstances be transmitted to third parties.

    Article 6: Possible transfer of data outside the European Union or subcontractor

    None of the data will be transferred outside the European Union.

    Article 7: Data retention

    Château Toumalin keeps customer and user data for a period of 5 years after the last exchange. The customer / user can at his request, ask to rectify, modify and delete his data.

    Article 8: Customer’s rights over their data

    The customer can at any time ask to rectify, modify and delete his data. Regarding the possible newsletter sending, the latter may then unsubscribe via an unsubscribe link in the newsletter or request it from Château Toumalin.

    Article 9: Automated decision

    There is no complete automation of decisions on the website or the activities of Château Toumalin, which means that the client is in no way deprived of his rights.

    Article 10: Client rights

    With regard to their personal data, customers have the right to be informed, have a right of access, rectification, opposition, erasure, they also have a right to portability.

    Article 11: Data security

    The exchanges and data are encrypted thanks to the use of an SSL security certificate present on the website.