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    Two centuries of History

    Nathalie and Xavier Miravete acquired Château Toumalin in 2008. They then discovered a rich estate from a distant past, during which each owner brought his personal touch…

    Nathalie & Xavier Miravete

    The History

    The Toumalin estate was created around 1750, a time when the Fronsac vineyard began to take shape. The first known owner is Charles Martial Badailh, an influential figure from Libourne and close to the king. At the end of the 18th century, Antoine Dumon, printer from Libourne, was in charge of the estate. He died on his property in 1859, at the age of 45. In “Bordeaux and its wines”, the reference book by excellence for the classification of wines from Bordeaux, Cocks and Feret, the wines of Toumalin are cited from the first edition of 1850 and will be regularly mentioned.

    At the end of the 19th century and until the 1930s, Louis Charles Montouroy is the owner, as said in “Bordeaux and its wines”, he acquired in 1887, the vineyard of Toumalin.

    He will sell the estate to Paul Delahoutre, a wine and spirits merchant from northern France who will take special and active care to maintain the quality of the wines from his vineyard. When he died in 1960, his daughter, Françoise d’Arfeuille, succeeded him, until 2004 when one of his sons, Paul Bernard d’Arfeuille, continued the work of his mother and grandfather.
    It was from him that in 2008, Nathalie and Xavier Miravete bought Château Toumalin, holder of a heritage and know-how that have been passed down for more than 250 years, with the ambition of perpetuating its rich and long story.
    “We would like to thank Madame Marie-Thérèse Provost for having reconstructed the rich history of Château Toumalin”

    Nathalie & Xavier Miravete

    The oenologist


    Six years of close collaboration with Olivier DUMONT, consultant oenologist of the property, have enabled Château TOUMALIN to achieve tremendous development, both in the vineyard and in the development of the wines. Olivier left us to join one of the most important trading houses but remains a friend of the property, whom he has been able to advise with passion and determination.

    Since January 2017, Nathalie and Xavier MIRAVETE naturally have called Stéphane DERENONCOURT, internationally recognized oenologist and among the most talented of his generation.
    Stéphane DERENONCOURT, creates DERENONCOURT CONSULTANTS in 1999. He provides, with his entire team, wine and winemaking advices to Bordeaux, French and international properties who have chosen to place their trust in him.
    Xavier MIRAVETE particularly appreciates Stéphane DERENONCOURT’s personal vision according to which “wines must express the specific character of their place of production. ”
    Xavier MIRAVETE is also very sensitive to the fact that DERENONCOURT Consultants implements adapted agricultural practices that respect natural balances.


    The terroir

    Château Toumalin is a pretty wine-growing estate in Canon-Fronsac, located in a land of great wines, area adjacent to the greatest wine-growing areas of Libournais.
    Established on clay-lime and clay-silica soils, along the edge of a southeastern-facing plateau, the 7.66 hectares of this wine-growing estate are principally planted with Merlot grapes (90% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc).
    These homogeneous terroir with deep soils allowing long maturation, the harvest takes place late, rarely before mid-October, as if to symbolize that exceptional things come to those who wait.